Bitter Cold: Climate Change, Public Health and Baltimore

Bitter Cold: Climate Change, Public Health and Baltimore

Weed warriors repel invaders to protect plants and visitors to a Hyattsville park

HYATTSVILLE, Md. — A small, harmless-looking plant caught the eye of Dr. Marc Imlay – a conservation biologist, park ranger and lifelong weed warrior – while he walked the east side of Magruder Park’s woodline. It was a young, invasive bush.…

Virginia Expresses ‘Profound Regret’ for History of Lynchings

Outlining a “dark and shameful chapter of American history,” state legislators have unanimously passed resolutions to “acknowledge with profound regret the existence and acceptance of lynching” in Virginia, where more than 80 people — mostly African-American men — were killed by mobs in the decades after the Civil War.

Court decision, midterm elections drive debate over Medicare for all

By JEFF LEVINE Capital News Service WASHINGTON – The decision by a federal court judge on Friday to strike down the Affordable Care Act strengthens the case for “Medicare for all,” according to Dr. Adam Gaffney, president of the Physicians…

Black pastors, Confederate descendants share Civil War history in Tennessee town

LEESBURG, Virginia — Gertrude Evans, 70, was born into the Jim Crow South and lived through the rocky integration of Leesburg when firemen filled a swimming pool with cement and garbage rather than permit its integration.