Coaches and gymnasts demand change after sexual assault victims testify

College Park, MD – Coaches and gymnasts express their concerns and demand change in the gymnastics world after Simone Biles and other victims of gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar testified before a Senate Judiciary Committee.

‘Wrong’ Md. crime data highlights inconsistent statistics

A reporting inaccuracy from a Maryland county police department has revealed broader examples of inconsistent crime data, from the FBI to the Maryland State Police to local jurisdictions.

Former adviser tells impeachment inquiry Trump envoy was on ‘domestic political errand’

WASHINGTON – Former National Security Council Russia expert Fiona Hill and diplomat David Holmes testified in what may be the final public impeachment hearing Thursday, reinforcing previous witnesses’ assertions that President Donald Trump directly linked a White House meeting and…

Congress awaits inspector general’s report on cancellation of FBI headquarters move

WASHINGTON – With parts of the FBI headquarters building crumbling on Pennsylvania Avenue, there had been plans to relocate the agency to a more secluded and spacious campus in either suburban northern Virginia or suburban Maryland.  But six months after…

The Washington Bullpen: A look at Roger Stone

WASHINGTON – In this episode of “The Washington Bullpen” podcast, host Kate Casey examines one of the most unusual figures in the Russia investigation: Roger Stone, a former adviser to President Donald Trump. The Department of Justice is scheduled on…

The Washington Bullpen: A look at Felix Sater

WASHINGTON – In this episode of “The Washington Bullpen” podcast, host Kate Casey discusses another one of the key figures in the investigations surrounding President Donald Trump: Felix Sater, a former business associate with a bizarre and checkered background.

Coast Guard lieutenant charged with targeting lawmakers, media, held without bail

A federal judge Thursday ordered a Maryland Coast Guard lieutenant held without bail as prosecutors gather more evidence of what they said was a terrorist plot to murder prominent Democratic politicians and media figures.

Famous kitchen sets up in the heart of government to feed federal workers

WASHINGTON – Chef José Andrés stood outside of the Pennsylvania Avenue World Central Kitchen location for hours Wednesday, welcoming furloughed federal employees into the cafe to get food and supplies to help feed them and their families. World Central Kitchen,…

The Washington Bullpen, Episode 7

WASHINGTON – On this week’s episode of “The Washington Bullpen” podcast, host Jarod Golub has the latest on the pipe bombs that were mailed to the Obamas and other prominent Democratic critics of President Donald Trump, an update on the…

Maryland’s U.S. Senators critical of FBI Kavanaugh report

Maryland Democratic Senators Cardin and Van Hollen said they found the follow-up FBI report on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh incomplete. Senator Ben Cardin said the report raised more questions than it answered and Senator Chris Van Hollen criticized the FBI for failing to contact individuals who said they had important information to share.