Hogan sues EPA over neighboring power plant pollution

COLLEGE PARK, Maryland — Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced a lawsuit Wednesday against the federal Environmental Protection Agency for failing to enforce limits on air-pollution control at 19 mostly coal-fired power plants in five states upwind of Maryland. “We want…

For Maryland Twitter users, the Lenten struggle is real

Maryland Twitter users voice the struggles with the 40-day self-sacrificial lead-up to Easter.

Fells Point Fixture Celebrates 100 years

Family owned Tochterman Fishing Tackle celebrates 100 years of business. Current owner Tony Tochterman shares the secrets to his family’s successful business.

Science, elbow grease keep National Aquarium tanks poop-free

With more than 500 species of fish, that’s a lot of waste

Maryland uses these emoji…

Despite being near the water, Marylanders use ocean creature emoji less than the average American.

Montgomery County Styrofoam Ban Aims to Help Environment

It’s a commonly used material, but beginning next year, you won’t see it if you get your food-to-go or take a doggie bag home in Montgomery County because of a ban approved by the County Council.

Hatchery, DNR Officials Begin Releasing Fish in Maryland Waters

The Department of Natural Resources and the Albert Powell Fish Hatchery team up to stock nearly 300 locations with trout across the state of Maryland.

Impact of Offshore Wind Farm Construction on Marine Species a Concern for Researchers

As focus on renewable energy sources in Maryland expands into the Atlantic Ocean, special attention is being paid to the effects of offshore wind farm construction on marine mammals. Noise generated from the construction of wind farms can damage the hearing of animals like sea turtles, sharks and a number of migratory whales, as well as possibly displace marine mammals from their original habitat.

Ocean City Fishing Captain Catches Sharks for Research

Charter fishing captain Mark Sampson is helping tourists catch swimmers’ worst nightmare – sharks.

Thousands Could Be Eating Contaminated Anacostia Fish

Half of the Anacostia fishermen share their contaminated fish with others along the watershed, according to a new survey released by local environmental groups.