Preparedness is key to mitigating upcoming hurricane damage, experts say

WASHINGTON – Effective hurricane forecasts, greener construction practices and individual preparedness are keys to mitigating hurricane damage in the coming years, according to experts. In a press conference at the National Press Club Tuesday, Gerry Bell, a climate change specialist…

Local moms do their part to reduce plastic waste

Reusable lunch bags called Lunchskins reduce need for plastic bags.

Annapolis Vending Machine Company Offers Healthier Snacks

Vend Natural, a vending machine company based in Annapolis, aims to give people on-the-go healthier snacking options–and their profits are almost 3 times higher than those of traditional vending machines.

Redskins Go Solar

The NFL team says more than 8,000 solar panels installed on top of one of the parking lots will now supply the stadium with enough power to completely power the facility on non-game days, and enough to power the stadium 20% on game days.