Ehrlich Campaign Aide Facing Trial for Robocalls

Opening statements were made Tuesday in the Baltimore City Circuit Court trial of Paul Schurick, the chief campaign aide to former Governor Bob Ehrlich. Schurick is being charged in connection with robocalls made in the 2010 governor’s race allegedly designed to suppress the African-American vote.

Maryland Drivers Going Electric

It seems hybrid and electric vehicles are becoming the way of the future.

Asbestos Workers Facing Safety Hazards

The asbestos abatement industry is one of the most dangerous fields in construction.

Maryland Kicks Off Star-Spangled Sailabration

It’s gearing up to be a star-spangled “Sailabration for” Baltimore. Maryland Governor O’Malley and naval officers teamed up to launch the Inner Harbor’s plan for the 1812 Bicentennial.

Missing Vietnam Soldiers Laid to Rest

It was a final goodbye just in time for Veterans Day, almost 40 years in the making.

Democrats and Republicans Come Together to Support Troops

It’s not every day you see Democratic and Republican leaders hanging out at the same party in Washington. But when it comes to supporting the troops for Veterans Day, that’s exactly what they did.

College Students Move Into Cruise Ship Dorm

At St. Mary’s College of Maryland, students have long been able to rent boats and take classes on boats with world-class sailing instructors. Now, some students get to live on one.

Pilots Discuss Dangers of Laser Pointers

Small laser pointers are a common tool, but they’re becoming a serious danger to pilots in flight. Over 2800 laser incidents were reported last year. The FAA says BWI-Marshall Airport had more than 30 incidents putting it in the top 20 among airports around the country.

NASA Unveils James Webb Telescope

NASA is launching its biggest telescope project since the Hubble. The project, which was won approval from the U.S. Senate but awaits action in the House of Representatives, is not expected to launch until 2018. But, a full-scale model of the James Webb Telescope was recently unveiled at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore.

A Race Along the ICC

The first people to give the new section of the Intercounty Connector (MD-200) a test drive, weren’t car drivers, they were runners.