Smithsonian’s new African American museum gears up for schools

Whether it’s a class on early African American history, civil rights movements or black pop culture, there’s an exhibit for that at the Smithsonian’s newest museum.

Howard County Public Schools are building a new net zero school

The new Wilde Lake Middle School will be the first net zero school in Maryland.

New Program Offers Free Meals, Cuts Hunger in Maryland Schools

Baltimore City joins list of school systems in Maryland offering free breakfasts and lunches to all students in public schools, regardless of income.

Concussion Numbers Dip for High School Sports in Howard Co.

Howard County Public Schools saw a 19 percent drop last school year in reported sports-related concussions, after numbers steadily rose for several years.

Average Maryland Teacher Sees Drop In Salary

Despite an increased workload as a result of the Common Core State Standards, Maryland teachers have seen a dip in their average salary since 2009.

LGBT Athletes Often Overlooked at High School Level

Maryland high schools and policymakers are trying to learn more about LGBT athletes to create a safer environment for them and students of all sexual orientations.