Schools may start before Labor Day as Senate bill advances

After several days of debate, a Senate bill to effectively rescind Republican Gov. Larry Hogan’s executive order starting Maryland public schools after Labor Day passed 31-13 on Tuesday, with Democrats voting yes and Republicans voting no.

Governor Larry Hogan’s Decision to Delay School Start Sparks Twitter Debate

“School after Labor Day is now the law of the land in Maryland,” Hogan said, ignoring concerns from teachers unions and the Democratic-controlled state legislature.

Franchot Dismisses Concerns Over Impact of Late School Start on Poor Families

State Comptroller Peter Franchot, a long-time advocate of a post-Labor Day start of schools around the state, defended Gov. Larry Hogan’s move despite concerns raised by some that it may cost families more money for additional daycare resulting from the later start of schools.

Hogan Signs Comptroller’s Petition to Push Back School Start Day Past Labor Day

Gov.-elect Larry Hogan added his signature to Comptroller Peter Franchot’s “Let Summer Be Summer” petition Thursday morning, totaling 13,244 people in support of a later start date for public schools.