How Md. uses surveillance, data to track motorists, traffic

Motorists in Maryland may be aware of the cameras that enforce speed and red-light violations, but the state’s tracking practices include other layers to assist in law enforcement efforts, and for traffic and planning purposes. 

Preparations underway for latest winter storm

The State Highway Administration started days ahead of the Wednesday’s snowfall to prepare roads around Maryland for the latest winter storm. Locals also made sure they were ready with snow removal supplies for the predicted snowfall of up to six inches.

SHA using its roadkill compost for turf this year

Deer are acting up for mating season — and while that means more collisions with motorists and more roadkill, for the State Highway Administration, it also means more compost.

MDOT and SHA remind motorists safety is first during holiday travel

More than 1 million Marylanders are expected to hit the road during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. And the Maryland Department of Transportation, together with the State Highway Administration, is reminding motorists to be extra careful for the sake of the drivers and the workers out on the road.

SHA rolls out new technology to help keep winter roads clear and safe

The State Highway Administration is adding a few new pieces of technology to their snow clean-up crew. They hope to remove snow quicker so drivers can travel safely.

Maryland shows off new snow plow and infrared reader

The Maryland State Highway Administration is preparing for winter with improved technology that the agency said will clear roads more efficiently, curb salt usage and provide more information to drivers.

State Highway Administration gears up for the winter ahead

After last year’s winter storm, Jonas, dumped more than 30 inches of snow across the state of Maryland, the State Highway Administration knew that they needed to update their snow plow technology. Take a look at the new snow clearing technology that will help keep roadways clear for Maryland commuters.