House passes DC statehood, Senate prospects dim

House Democrats passed legislation Thursday that would grant statehood to the District of Columbia. The 216-208 party-line vote sends the measure to the Senate, where it does not appear to have the necessary 60 votes to pass. The Washington D.C.…

House committee passes DC statehood bill

A House panel on Wednesday approved a bill granting statehood to the District of Columbia, setting the stage for a full House floor vote as early as next week. After hours of debate, the House Oversight and Reform Committee voted…

Puerto Rico Referendum Could Revitalize D.C. Status Debate

The shadow senator for the District of Columbia and other supporters of D.C. statehood said their cause may benefit from a potentially decisive November referendum in Puerto Rico.

D.C. Renews Push for Statehood

Taxation with representation was the message at the John A. Wilson Building on Tuesday morning when the D.C. City Council joined with Mayor Vincent Gray to announce a new push for statehood for the district.