State launches annual campaign to save the lives of highway repair crews and motorists

The Maryland Dept. Of Transportation urges motorists to stay alert when driving through work zones during the largest construction season in history.

Non-public school students rally at the State House to encourage continued state aid

Students came from across the state, missing school for the day, so that they could meet with lawmakers in Annapolis. They were all part of the Council of American Private Education (CAPE) annual Advocacy Day promoting its BOOST program. With help from the state, the BOOST program provides scholarships to students to help cover the cost the attending the state’s nonpublic schools.

General Assembly celebrates Shock Trauma leader’s decades of service

Dr. Thomas Scalea has spent the past 20 years pioneering new methods of treating trauma in Maryland. Most recently, he is working to spread the “Stop The Bleed” program to make tourniquets common in public spaces.

High school culinary talents put to the test in annual competition

High school culinary talents are put to the test in annual competition

Threats made against Maryland schools increase following Parkland massacre

In the wake of the massacre of 17 students and teachers at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, a number of school systems in Maryland are reporting a spike in threats. Anne Arundel County is among them. Still, the county’s school administration and teacher’s union question the call for some instructors to be armed while on school grounds.

Anne Arundel County animal shelter’s reading program helps community bond with animals

n Anne Arundel County teenager has found a way to bring the local community together through books and shelter animals.

Maryland delegate sponsors bill allowing school employees to carry guns

Baltimore-Harford County State Delegate Rick Impallaria says schools need a comprehensive plan and additional protocols to protect students and staff from tragedies like this week’s deadly high school shooting in Lakeland, Florida. Impallaria is asking the legislature to approve a bill that would allow school employees to carry guns on school grounds.

State House Democrats push to ban bump stocks, repeal Handgun Permit Review Board

Democratic members of the Maryland General Assembly are calling for passage of what they’re calling gun safety legislation. Among their proposals, a ban on bumpstocks, a device that can turn semi-automatic guns to make simulate an automatic gun. The lawmakers also want to repeal the state’s Handgun Permit Review Board and turn that responsibility over to administrative law judges.