Compared to Obama, Trump drew fewer Maryland donors and dollars for inauguration

WASHINGTON — Of the $106.7 million donated to President Donald Trump’s January inauguration, $2.2 million came from Maryland donors – less than the contributions from the state for President Barack Obama’s 2013 inauguration, according to a newly released financial report.…

Teams with no mascot are worth more than teams with one

A Capital News Service analysis shows which type of mascot is the best mascot for professional teams. Teams with no mascot tend to be worth more and win more than teams with one.

North Carolina outperforms their seed more than almost all other teams

As a 1 seed, North Carolina had the weight of high expectations entering the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. In winning their sixth national title Monday, the Tar Heels did even better than 1 seeds typically do.

Perfect brackets almost never survive past day one of the NCAA tournament

ESPN had 13.3 million bracket entries in their annual Tournament Challenge as of Wednesday night. It’s unlikely any of those entries will survive the first round without at least one wrong prediction.

Republican healthcare plan would hurt low-income, elderly Marylanders

Under President Donald Trump’s and House Speaker Paul Ryan’s plan, the American Health Care Act, younger people and higher-income people in Maryland would see an increase in the amount of tax credits they receive, according to an analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Cherry blossom peak bloom could be one of earliest in history

The iconic cherry blossom trees in Washington, D.C., are expected to reach peak bloom sometime between March 14 and March 17, the National Park service announced this week.

Achievement gaps contribute to Maryland’s fall in education rankings

A Capital News Service analysis of state education data found the achievement gaps were especially pronounced in counties with the highest success rates.

Affordable Care Act substantially expanded mental health coverage

The Affordable Care Act strengthened benefits for mental health services and addiction treatment across the country. A repeal could seriously affect Marylanders, especially those who received coverage through Medicaid expansion.

Trump’s inauguration has lowest Metro ridership since 2005

Street closures and large crowds make inauguration day a historically busy one for public transportation in Washington, D.C.

Infographic: U.S. inaugurations through history

Here’s a look back at the past 57 ceremonies and the nine presidents who took the oath-of-office without a ceremony.