Local woman searches for family’s stories of the Holocaust

Montgomery County resident Rachel Miller’s parents both survived the Holocaust but shared little about that time with their family. So Miller is going back through records at D.C.’s Holocaust Memorial Museum to learn their story

Oldest running duckpin bowling alley has its home in Baltimore and marks its 9th decade

Patterson Bowling is the oldest operating duckpin bowling alley in the country. Some say it’s like stepping back in time. In fact, the facility is marking 90 years of non-stop duckpin bowling.

Carroll Arts Center’s sweet PEEPS art display is a seasonal favorite

Nearly two hundred pieces of art made from Peeps, the sugar-covered marshmallow candies, are on display at the tenth annual Carroll Arts Center Peep Show.

Annapolis proposal would crack down on left-lane drivers

A state senate committee considers a House passed bill that would limit the use of the far left lane to passing vehicles. The proposed law would only impact roads with three or more lanes in one direction. Offenders would face the possibility of a fine.

Driver hits officer, rams police vehicle near U.S. Capitol

Only blocks from the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, shots were fired after a motorist struck an officer and a police vehicle while trying to avoid being pulled over.

Washington’s birthday celebration marks citizenship for dozens of former immigrants

A celebration of President George Washington’s 285th birthday and the naturalization of 51 new American citizens from 32 countries brought hundreds of visitors to Mount Vernon.

Demonstrators arrested while seeking support for fracking ban

They came to Annapolis to urge the legislature to approve a ban on fracking. The legislation has been approved by the House but awaits action in a Senate committee. More than a dozen of the demonstrators were arrested during the anti-fracking rally.

Coast Guard launches new ship to help protect Maryland waters

A bigger and better Coast Guard Cutter, the Lawrence Lawson, is about to sail the waters around Maryland to help with search and rescue, prevent overfishing and keep the seas and sea creatures safe.

Maryland Zoo’s baby giraffe gets name after public votes

The newest resident at the Maryland Zoo at Baltimore is an endangered, six-foot tall baby giraffe. She was born at the Zoo just over two weeks ago but she was without a name. After the 26-thousand members of the public voted for one of six names…the little giraffe is nameless no more.

Maryland’s newest U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen hopes to keep moving forward

Maryland’s junior senator may be taking on a new job but Chris Van Hollen is a Capitol Hill veteran. Van Hollen says despite what he calls a polarized start of this session of Congress, he’s hoping things will settle down so that the work in the Senate can move forward.