Towson University Students Bring New Sport to Maryland

Students at Towson University are bringing a brand new sport to Maryland, one that combines soccer, basketball and handball on a circular field.

Maryland Minute Update: December 3, 2013

CNS reporter Ben Oldach talks about the latest headlines from around Maryland including a Morgan State fraternity that has been put on probation, a Montgomery County school teacher who has fled to Hong Kong and how one power plant in Cumberland is recycling energy.

Baltimore Nighthawks Women’s Football Team Tackles Stereotypes

Football is traditionally viewed as a man’s game. The Baltimore Nighthawks, the city’s professional football team for women, are challenging that stereotype.

Maryland Minute Update: November 20, 2013

CNS reporter Ben Oldach updates you on the latest happenings from around the state including the Baltimore “Stop and Frisk” policy, Google paying $1 million to the state of Maryland and a gubernatorial candidate who is in favor of legalizing marijuana.

Maryland Minute Update: November 15, 2013

CNS reporter Ben Oldach addresses the possibility of a Michael Phelps comeback, how e-cigarette use is becoming more popular in schools and why Maryland is seeing a huge reduction in greenhouse gas emission from power plants.

Maryland Minute Update: Nov 13, 2013

CNS reporter Ben Oldach breaks down the top headlines from around the state including a plan to revitalize the Inner Harbor, a man who police suspect of committing a string of sexual assaults and how some people from Western Maryland would rather go uninsured than enroll in the Affordable Care Act.

Maryland Minute Update: Nov 8, 2013

CNS Reporter Ben Oldach fills you in about a new shock trauma building in Baltimore, a push from Gov. Martin O’Malley and a story that shows how inmates are helping wounded veterans.

Maryland Minute Update: Nov 6, 2013

CNS reporter Ben Oldach talks about the latest headlines from the state of Maryland in this edition of Maryland Minute.

Maryland Minute Update: Nov 1, 2013

CNS reporter Ben Oldach talks about zombie 5Ks, pumpkin smashing and a story full of beats, scratches and crossfades on this episode of Maryland Minute.

Bethesda DJ School Teaches Students to Spin

At the Beat Refinery, the DC Metro area’s only DJ school, world class DJs from around the country teach students the art of working the turntables.