Schoenke Runs Campaign for Governor on His Drive and His Dime

GERMANTOWN – After legendary Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry cut him, telling him he didn’t have what it took to compete in the NFL, Ray Schoenke went on to play 10 years for the Washington Redskins

Chance Boatyard Shows Industrial Side of Annapolis’ History

ANNAPOLIS – By Annapolis standards, the Chance Boatyard is not much of a historic site

Domestic Violence Victims May Get Open Parole Hearings

ANNAPOLIS – The Maryland Parole Commission plans to extend newly strengthened victims rights to victims of domestic violence “one way or another,” even if that means issuing an emergency order

Open Parole Hearings Help Victims Families Cope With Loss

WESTOVER – Sheila Harding watched from behind a glass wall as the man who murdered her daughter with three blasts from a shotgun explained why he should be let out on parole after serving half of his 30-year sentence

Victims Rights Expanded in General Assembly

ANNAPOLIS – Maryland lawmakers continued to expand victims rights this year, approving bills that will notify victims of plea bargains and give more people the right to speak at parole hearings

Western Maryland Lawmakers Hail Productive Legislative Session

ANNAPOLIS – Western Maryland lawmakers called the just-ended legislative session “a bang-up year” that included improved health care for the poor, a 5 percent income tax cut and passage of a bill to help state dairy farmers

Program Gives Teens a Dose of Reality on Drugs and Drinking

EASTON – The three teens had already planned their own funerals, picked out caskets and written in detail about life as a paraplegic when they were told to snap on rubber gloves because they were going to clean up a corpse on a recent Friday night

Arkansas Murders Stir Maryland Debate Over Juvenile Criminals

ANNAPOLIS – Two boys, 11 and 13 years old, go on a shooting rampage at their middle school, killing four classmates and a teacher

Maryland Crime Dropped in All Categories in 1997

ANNAPOLIS – Crime in Maryland dropped in all categories last year, falling 6

Senate Passes Bill Outlawing Other States’ Same-Sex Marriages

ANNAPOLIS – The Senate voted Thursday to outlaw same-sex marriages performed in other states and countries, a bill opponents blasted as unnecessary since Maryland already outlaws such unions