Environmentally-Savvy Nursing Homes

Nine Maryland health care facilities are regularly purchasing and serving local, sustainable beef and poultry to their patients, while reducing their food budgets.

Different Factors Within African-American Communities Shaped Votes on Question 6

African-American communities in Maryland helped to pass same-sex marriage in November, despite many predicting they would vote against the measure.

Group of Catholics Petitions Bishops, Urges Less Political Involvement and More Work With the Poor

Handful of Christians delivered 25,000 signatures to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Tuesday morning, protesting political involvement and what they say is a lack of focus on the poor.

Many African-Americans Voting Against Same-Sex Marriage, for Obama

African-Americans make up a quarter of the Maryland’s electorate, and could make or break the vote for same-sex marriage in November.

Maryland Faiths Come Together to Rally for DREAM Act

Congregations from three counties gathered to pray and organize last-minute campaigning for the DREAM Act.

Clinton’s Speech Still a Mystery

Former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to speak tonight in Charlotte. Nobody knows what to expect when he takes the stage.

Storify: Women at the Democratic Convention

Women are streaming into Charlotte this week, voicing their support for President Barack Obama.

Storify: Gov. Martin O’Malley Set to Speak to DNC

After crashing the Republican convention in Tampa last week, Gov. Martin O’Malley will speak Tuesday night just before First Lady Michelle Obama.