Court Rules Warden’s Rights Not Violated With Request For Resignation

WASHINGTON – A federal appeals court has ruled that Harford County officials did not violate a jail warden’s rights when they asked him to retire after an inmate was found dead, with a pillowcase over his head, in the detention center

Railroads Urged to Install Equipment to Prevent Collisions

WASHINGTON – The National Transportation Safety Board called on railroads and a federal agency Wednesday to set a timetable for installing high-technology train control systems that would make collisions close to impossible

Crawford Wants to Protect Jobs, Balance Budget

WASHINGTON – Most people can tell you where they were on Nov

Bug Zapper Offers Help for Farmers, Relief for Cattle

WASHINGTON – Build a better fly trap and the cows will beat a path to your barn

Pork Stashed in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania

WASHINGTON – Federal “pork-barrel” funding is already $2

Federal Transportation Official Calls for Steps to Improve Train Safety

WASHINGTON – The National Transportation Safety Board chairman Tuesday told a Senate panel that several steps need to be taken to improve train safety

National Farm Bill’s Impact on Maryland May be Minimal

WASHINGTON – Maryland farmers, whose produce ranges from meat to milk to mushrooms, probably have little to fear from farm bills working their way through Congress, industry officials say