Locals Rush to Turkey Farms for Fresher Birds This Thanksgiving

For Maple Lawn Turkey Farm, Thanksgiving means long hours

Food Stamp Cuts Affecting One in Eight Marylanders

In Baltimore, some local residents are learning to cope with the cuts.

Pumpkin Crop Better Than Ever This Year

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without a hand picked pumpkin, ready to be carved or painted, and perfect for adding a festive, fall feel to anywhere in the house.

Gaithersburg Lends Helping Hand to Homeless

In an effort to end homelessness one person at a time, the city of Gaithersburg hosted Homeless Resource Day.

Aberdeen Army Vet Helps Other Vets Find Work

Though the veteran unemployment rate has fallen this year, veterans still struggle to find a job after leaving the military.

Emotional Veterans Flood the WWII Memorial

Veterans from every branch of the military came together to fight for both an end to the shutdown and for their benefits.

Millions Affected by Shutdown Try to Get Their Lives Back to ‘Normal’

Congress and the President have come to a compromise, at least for now, ending the 16-day shutdown stalemate and leaving the millions affected to start picking up the pieces.

Meet Metro, The Painting Horse

Art is subjective, and anyone can do it, including one Frederick County retired racehorse named Metro.

Perdue Farms Gives $50,000 to Oyster Restoration

From the chicken farm to the Chesapeake Bay, Perdue Farms is offering a helping hand to oyster restoration.

Students Help To Restore Pataspco River

Volunteers from three Baltimore city schools are cleaning up trash and planting sea grasses in the rocky sand along the Patapsco River.