House Committee Hears Bills on Decriminalization, Legalization of Marijuana

Other Bills Would Change College Sexual Assault Policies, Reform Rape-Kit Processing

Bill Would Remove Governor from Decision-Making on Parole for Lifers

About 2,100 People Serving Life Sentences in State are Eligible for Parole

Lawmakers Weigh Creation of Task Force on Self-Driving Vehicles

Public Officials, Industry Representatives Would Develop Best Practices

Delegates Hear Bill That Would Punish Heroin and Fentanyl Dealers Whose Drugs Kill

Opponents Fear 30-Year Maximum Sentence Would Be Applied to Users

Advocates Call for Bill to Revoke Parental Rights of Men Accused of Conceiving Child Through Rape

Rape Survivor Family Protection Act Has Failed in the Past Despite Broad Support

Maryland Hunters Meet With Lawmakers in Annapolis to Discuss Baiting, Hunting Season Rules

Legislators Are Working on Bills to Ease Strict Liability Standard for Baiting, Extend Seasons

Journalists Advocate for Extension of Reporter’s Shield Law to Protect Against Out-of-State Subpoenas

Law Gives Absolute Privilege to Withhold Sources’ Identities

State Senator Proposes Hit-and-Run Alert System; Dogs in Dangerous Weather

Two Former Delegates Sworn In To Senate

Ports Officials Support New Funding for Property to Hold Material Dredged from Harbor

Motor Vehicles Administration supports “move over” law; Maryland Transportation Authority investigates electronic tolls

House Judiciary Committee Visits District Court Ahead of Session’s Work on Pretrial System

Delegates will review program that provides attorneys for defendants’ initial appearances