Maryland Horse Racing’s Last Legs?

LAUREL, Md. – The smell of hay and horse is thick in the racing stalls at Laurel racetrack. Farriers are shoeing horses, groomers are preparing their thoroughbreds and the vet is making his rounds. All the activity starts long before…

Purple Line Peaks Interest

Video by Sean McCalley/CNS-TV COLLEGE PARK – The Maryland Transit Administration held a public open house on Tuesday at the University of Maryland, educating local residents on the benefits the light rail system will provide when completed in 2020. The…

Traffic Improvements Jammed in Montgomery County

Traffic congestion has not improved in Montgomery County in the past two years, according to a new report from county transportation officials.

NASA Launches Tweetup

More than one hundred Twitter users attended a “tweetup” at NASA’s Washington headquarters on Thursday

Montgomery County Bikes Ahead

The county is preparing to construct the first suburban bike rental system in the country

Thousands Abandon Their Cars at Home

They were participating in World Carfree Day, a global event held every September 22nd that encourages people to abandon their cars and use environmentally friendly transportation instead. This year the district joined over 1,500 other cities in 40 different countries around the world.

UMCP Athletic Department Criticized on Debt

University of Maryland students, donors and staff offered up suggestions on Monday on how to reduce the Maryland Athletic Department’s growing deficit.