Police Crack Down on Maryland Oyster Poaching

The weeks before Christmas tend to be the most active for illegal oyster harvesting on the Chesapeake Bay.

Maryland Tries to Restore Dwindling Bay Grasses

Bay grasses provide an important line of defense against severe coastal storms, but scientists are finding significant declines in the health and diversity of grasses in the Chesapeake.

Heavy Winter Snows Could Yield Big Summer Chesapeake Algae Blooms

Heavy winter snowfalls in Maryland could lead to above-average levels of summertime bacteria and toxic algae blooms in the Chesapeake Bay.

Maryland Lab Artificially Grows Oysters For Bay

One Maryland lab is using science to artificially create, feed and grow oyster larvae — no bigger than a grain of sand — in order to help restore the health of the Chesapeake Bay.

Oyster Shell Recycling Program Faces Problems

Shell collection delays and confusion over tax incentives have recently caused setbacks in the region’s oyster shell recycling campaign, which has recently taken on new ownership.

Fracking Opponents Unite To Keep Energy Extraction Method Out of Maryland

It will likely be months before Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley decides the fate of fracking in the Free State, but opponents of the natural-gas extraction process aim to keep the issue in the spotlight.

Maryland Combats Power Plant Pollution

Although Maryland is making strides in reducing its carbon footprint, air pollution from power plants is still creating environmental and health concerns, according to a recent report from Environment Maryland. And some states bordering the Chesapeake Bay have power plants that rank among the dirtiest, according to the advocacy group.

Coalition Opposes Natural Gas Export Facility Construction

A broad coalition of lawyers, homeowners, organizations and businesses came together Tuesday to present their arguments opposing the construction of a liquefied natural gas export facility on the Chesapeake Bay in Calvert County.