Market Forces Mire Maryland Gas Export Plan in Uncertainty

Lusby’s natural gas import terminal is a victim of the boom in domestic production, and the industry’s political and economic uncertainties are endangering its owner’s efforts to rebound by adding export capabilities to the facility to take advantage of the plant’s vicinity to the Marcellus Shale gas field.

Move to Curtail Chimpanzee Research Wins Maryland Support

Support for legislation to restrict the use of great apes in medical research is building on the heels of a report by the nonprofit Institute of Medicine, which concluded that the use of chimpanzees is unnecessary in most circumstances. Maryland policymakers, it turns out, are among its chief proponents

Rare Fossil Highlights Need to Preserve Calvert Cliffs

Amateur fossil hunter Noah Cook and his mom were walking along the beach near Calvert Cliffs this February when they spotted something odd — the top of what is believed to be a 12-million-year-old skull of an extinct dolphin species.

EPA Cleans Up New Power Plant Standards

The Obama administration’s tightening of pollution regulations for new coal-fired power plants Tuesday is a step in the right direction, Maryland politicians and environmentalists said, but some said it doesn’t go far enough.

Maryland Companies Implementing Contracts With Indian Partners

Although many details are yet to be determined, three Maryland business leaders who entered into agreements with Indian companies as a result of Maryland’s November trade mission discussed the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Anacostia River to Receive $5 Million Toward Restoration

The Anacostia will no longer be the region’s “forgotten river” promised Washington Rep. Eleanor Norton as she announced the creation of the $5 million Anacostia River Revitalization Fund.

Germantown Company Aims to Reduce Strain on Electric Grid

Germantown-based Earth Networks hopes to earn $100 million a year selling a service that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by remotely optimizing homeowners’ air conditioners.

Baltimore Mayor, WSSC Reveal Water Woes

Cumbersome EPA mandates are driving up costs as municipalities and providers struggle to maintain and upgrade Maryland’s water infrastructure, Baltimore’s mayor and the state’s chief water utility officer told the Senate Tuesday.

Cybersecurity Center Planned in Montgomery County

In an effort to fight what Sen. Barbara Mikulski described as the “new enduring war” against “hate-hackers,” Maryland officials announced Thursday a plan to create the National Cyber Center of Excellence for Cyber Security in Montgomery County.

Maryland Conditionally Approves Merger of Constellation Energy, Exelon

The Maryland Public Service Commission gave Exelon conditional approval to proceed with its merger with Baltimore-based Constellation Energy.