Local Farm Produces Solar Energy

According to a survey by Solar Foundation, Maryland ranks 13 in the country for solar jobs.

Kids find Inner Peace in the Inner City

At the after-school program at Robert W. Coleman Elementary School, kids do yoga, meditation, and mindfulness exercises. This program sponsored by Holistic Life Foundation serves 58 students from Pre-K through 5th grade.

U.S. Postal Service Inspires Kids to Write

April is National Card and Letter Writing month. The United States Postal Service celebrated by issuing a new Forever stamp inspiring kids at the Friendship Public Charter School in D.C. to personalize their heart-felt messages.

NTSB Issues Urgent Recommendations Following Metro Yellow Line Incident

The NTSB issued urgent recommendations to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments today as they continue their investigation into the January 12th Metrorail smoke incident.

Metro Yellow Line Investigation

Lawmakers and Metro riders are looking to the NTSB for answers for what caused the deadly incident on the Yellow Line last week.

Maryland Rally for Renewable Energy

Supporters rally in front of the Maryland State House, Wednesday, calling for increased standards for clean energy.