Homeless Student Population Rises in Maryland

The homeless student population in Maryland continues to grow as a result of the recession, as national numbers have hit a record high.

In Novel Maryland Program, Children Help Parents Learn English

The Montgomery County Literacy Council is taking an intergenerational approach to helping adults with low-levels of literacy learn English — through the help of their children.

Maryland Food Stamp Recipients, Organizations, Scramble Under Shadow of Benefit Cuts

The expiration of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act puts Maryland food stamp recipients at risk of losing a portion of their benefits.

State Marriage Law Patchwork Puts Maryland Same-Sex Couples at Risk

The recognition of same-sex marriage in Maryland sheds light on the checkerboard of marriage laws across the nation, which poses a threat to the legal parentage for married couples that leave their state lines.

Maryland Jurisdictions Becoming More Open to Same-Sex Adoptions

It took Doug and Chris Maulden-Locke eight months to get through pre-adoption background checks and an extensive home study and just 10 days to find a baby to adopt. But the same-sex couple wasn’t sure what would happen when they went before a Montgomery County judge in February.

Maryland Unintended Pregnancy Rate Drops, Remains Higher than National Average

Despite a drop in unintended pregnancy rates over the last decade, Maryland officials are working to further lower the rate.