Located on Capitol Hill, the CNS Washington bureau has more reporters dedicated to covering the federal government’s impact on Maryland than any other news organization in the state.

Low-Income Alzheimer’s Patients Battle More Than The Disease

It was 1994 when Barbara Harris noticed her mother, Edith Harris, would write and keep little notes. She was starting to forget things.

“She started slipping a little bit,” daughter Harris, a Baltimore resident, recalled.

It was not until 1996 that Edith Harris was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, a type of dementia that causes progressive memory loss that eventually interferes with daily tasks and body functions.

For Edwards, Health Care Issues Are Personal

As Donna Edwards campaigns for Senate, she uses the personal struggles of her past to talk about political issues such as Health Care

Educational Gender Gap Is Changing Around the World, New Study Finds

Women make up the majority of higher education degree-holders, study finds.

Washington’s Cherry Trees Bloom in Eastern “Heat Wave”

Visitors at the National Mall are seeing a familiar sight at an unusual time of the year, as the recent rash of warm weather in the area has led to a second bloom for some cherry trees.

African American Museum Kicks Off Countdown to 2016 Grand Opening

To kick off the year-long countdown to its grand opening, the museum hosted a three-night event last month to celebrate the anniversaries of three major milestones in African American history.

Washington Football in Fantasy and Reality

Washington’s NFL players can hurt you as a fan, and a fantasy football owner

Washington Leads the NFC East at 5-6???

At 5-6, Washington leads the NFC East. A Monday Night showdown against arch-rival Dallas looming large on the horizon.

Fire Fighting Volunteers and EMT’s Wanted

The National Volunteer Fire Council launched their “Make Me a Firefighter Campaign” in Washington Tuesday with the hopes of recruiting more volunteer firefighters in Maryland and across the rest of the country.

O’Malley Courts House Democrats as Poll Gives Him 7 Percent Support in Maryland

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley met with the House Democratic Caucus Tuesday morning in an effort to earn more support for his presidential run as he continues to struggle in the polls.

At 4-6, Washington Still Has Hopes for NFL Playoffs

Washington will play it’s biggest game of the season on Sunday, when the NFC-East leading New York Giants come to town.