Thanksgiving Football in Washington? Pass the Sweet Potatoes

Football in Detroit and Dallas is as much a Thanksgiving tradition as the turkey. Not so much in Washington…

Visualizing Thanksgiving Leftovers and Turkey Consumption

Each year, Americans consumer 690 million pounds of turkey on Thanksgiving Day. That is enough to fill the Empire State Building.

Inmates Prepare Hundreds of Turkeys for Thanksgiving Dinner For Baltimore’s Homeless

Last year, the Bea Gaddy’s Thanksgiving annual dinner fed almost 50,000 Baltimoreans. The non-profit is preparing for thousands more this year. Turkeys are donated to the non-profit organization before being sent to the Maryland Correctional Institution in Hagerstown, where they are cleaned and prepared by the inmates.

Locals Rush to Turkey Farms for Fresher Birds This Thanksgiving

For Maple Lawn Turkey Farm, Thanksgiving means long hours

Girls Basketball Powerhouse Reflects on Trip to Germany

The Riverdale Baptist girls’ basketball team had never traveled abroad until Thanksgiving, when head coach Sam Caldwell took his team all the way to Germany to play three exhibition games.

Ravens’ Independent Neurologist Represents a Changing NFL

Dr. Kevin Crutchfield, concussion expert and the independent neurological consultant for the Baltimore Ravens, has seen a change in NFL players’ attitudes.

A Taste of Thanksgiving at a Juvenile Detention Center

Days before Thanksgiving, teens at a Rockville juvenile detention center share a turkey-and-trimmings meal with family.

Agency Puts Focus on Thanksgiving Fire Safety

There were 1,300 fires on Thanksgiving Day between 2009 and 2011, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Haven’t Started Holiday Shopping Yet? You’re In the Minority

Christmas came to Target just three weeks after Labor Day this year, in what has become a new standard for retailers of pushing the winter holiday to the brink of summer.