O’Malley Assigns Group to Investigate Abuses at Crownsville State Hospital

At the direction of Gov. Martin O’Malley, a group headed by an academic researcher will investigate decades of abuse endured by African American patients at the Crownsville State Hospital. Citizens and civil rights activists spoke at Wednesday’s Legislative Black Caucus hearing of a long history of mistreatment of Crownsville patients due to overcrowding, underfunding, and inadequate staffing at the facility, which was founded in 1911 as the Hospital for the Negro Insane and closed in 2004.

Anne Arundel County High School Gives Students a Chance After the Bell Rings

An Anne Arundel County high school is breaking down barriers to education by changing the notions of a typical school day.

Maryland Students Dive Deep Into Naval Engineering Competition

In the last few years, STEM has been the focus of state and federal funding, as well as national and regional competitions, like the SeaPerch program, an underwater robotics competition tied to naval engineering…

Winners and Losers if a Mammoth Casino Comes to National Harbor

If a casino comes to National Harbor, some will win, some will lose. So, politicians, experts, business owners and citizens weighed in to sort out the winners and losers.