Smithsonian’s new African American museum gears up for schools

Whether it’s a class on early African American history, civil rights movements or black pop culture, there’s an exhibit for that at the Smithsonian’s newest museum.

Montgomery County Public Schools See Growth

Montgomery County Public Schools are seeing growth both inside the classroom and outside of it, according to new data released by the county.

Diversity changes Baltimore County schools’ curriculum

Baltimore County public school officials say a diverse teaching staff is key to adapt to the increase in non-native speaking students.

Autonomy Of Local Schools Uncertain

Local schools have struggled to remain autonomous with binding regulations coming from the state and federal education departments.

Shooting School Wins Grant for Violence Recovery Efforts

The school year started off with a tragic shooting, but now officials at Perry Hall High School are hoping to end the year on a note of resilience.

Parents, School Cooperation Brings Success for Students With Challenges

Cecelia Scheeler was just 4 years old when she started exhibiting odd behavior — throwing a fit when walking by dirty laundry or refusing to sit on certain furniture. She would wash her hands until they bled.

Golden Ring Middle School ‘STEM Day’ Gets Girls Involved in Tech Projects

Girls from Golden Ring Middle School in Baltimore County participate in STEM activities for the school’s inaugural STEM Day for girls.