Supporters say Clean Energy Jobs Act could bring thousands of clean energy jobs to Maryland

Montgomery County Senator Brian Feldman says legislation he’s sponsoring could bring as many as 20-thousand clean energy jobs to the state. The bill would require 50% of Maryland energy to be renewable by 2030 and reach 100% by 2040.

Maryland could host the nation’s largest offshore wind farm

The Maryland Public Service Commission is considering two proposals for turbines off the coast of Ocean City, giving Maryland the potential to host the nation’s largest offshore wind farm.

Mr. Trash Wheel is cleaning the Baltimore Inner Harbor

A one of a kind trash wheel floating in the Baltimore Inner Harbor is cleaning up trash by using clean energy.

Baltimore Conference Focuses on Wind Power

The American Wind Energy Association came to Baltimore to showcase the latest advances in wind power.

Baltimore is Among the Nation’s Leaders in Solar Energy

Despite its numerous air pollution problems, Baltimore is one of the nation’s leaders in the clean energy revolution.

Bill Requires 25 Percent of State’s Energy to be From Renewable Sources by 2020

Businessmen, religious leaders and environmentalists pushed for the expansion of clean energy in Maryland at the Senate Finance Committee Tuesday.

The bill, sponsored by state Senator Brian Feldman, D-Montgomery, would increase the use of renewable energy to power the state. Known as the 2015 Maryland Clean Energy Advancement Act, it would require 25 percent of Maryland’s energy to come from renewable sources, such as solar or wind power, by 2020.

Maryland Rally for Renewable Energy

Supporters rally in front of the Maryland State House, Wednesday, calling for increased standards for clean energy.

Fracking Opponents Unite To Keep Energy Extraction Method Out of Maryland

It will likely be months before Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley decides the fate of fracking in the Free State, but opponents of the natural-gas extraction process aim to keep the issue in the spotlight.

Enviros Rally for Wind Energy before Gov. O’Malley Testifies

Governor Martin O’Malley testified before a Senate committee for off-shore wind energy.