Senators wrap up impeachment trial questioning ahead of key vote on witnesses

(UPDATED FRIDAY, JAN. 31, 2020) WASHINGTON — Wrapping up two days of impeachment trial questions Thursday, senators revisited key assertions made by Trump’s lawyers: presidents’ actions that aid re-election are not impeachable if they’re in the nation’s best interest, and…

Trump presidency brings unprecedented attention to the Constitution’s emoluments clauses

WASHINGTON — Before 2016, the foreign and domestic emoluments clauses of the U.S. Constitution didn’t get much attention. Now, these two short sections — which historians and legal scholars interpret as prohibiting government officials from accepting gifts from foreign or…

Surprise! The Equal Rights Amendment is back

The Equal Rights Amendment is making a surprising come-back, with a new campaign to promote its ratification in Virginia.

Justice Department calls for dismissal of MD-DC emoluments lawsuit against President Trump

Attorneys for Maryland and the District of Columbia told a U.S. District Court judge on Thursday that President Donald Trump has violated the provisions in the Constitution prohibiting officials, once in office, to personally profit from business with foreign governments and other states.

Dems propose withdrawal of constitutional convention calls

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — State Democrats announced a package of new legislation Tuesday aimed at resisting policy efforts by President Donald Trump’s administration and the Republican-controlled Congress. Five pieces of legislation are included in the package. One would withdraw all of…

Maryland lawmaker revives drive for equal rights for women in Constitution

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump’s presidency has inspired Democratic lawmakers to re-introduce legislation that would ensure equal rights for women in the U.S. Constitution. Days before participating in the Women’s March on Washington with several female family members, Sen. Ben Cardin,…

Atheist Groups Upset with Two Articles in Maryland’s Constitution

Maryland’s Constitution contains two articles that atheists groups find offensive because they discriminate against atheists. Although the articles were struck down by the Supreme Court in the 1960’s, Greg Lipper of Americans United for Separation of Church & State said it’s the principle of the thing.

Demonstrators Optimistic that Supreme Court Will Repeal DOMA

Chants calling for equality rang out across the front steps of the Supreme Court Wednesday, as marriage equality supporters gathered to wave American flags and carry colorful signs while the court inside heard a challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act.