DNA Evidence Brings Hope, Truth – But Only If Tested; Some Maryland Jurisdictions Slow to Report Findings

DNA evidence can free a man from death row, but some local law enforcement agencies aren’t following state rules on DNA evidence reporting.

Gov. O’Malley, Legislature Close 2013 Session With Progressive Victories

Gov. Martin O’Malley and the General Assembly approved new gun control laws, repealed the death penalty, and funded a wind energy project during the 2013 legislative session.

House Votes to Repeal Death Penalty, Governor’s Signature Next

The Maryland House voted 82-56 Friday in favor of repealing the death penalty. Once Gov. Martin O’Malley signs the bill, Maryland will become the 18th state to abolish capital punishment.

Delegates to Offer Amendments Despite Momentum of Death Penalty Repeal

Several Maryland delegates are preparing to argue to keep the death penalty for certain aggravating circumstances. The death penalty repeal bill will be debated in the House Wednesday.

Senate Poised to Vote for Repeal of Death Penalty, House of Delegates Next

After three days of debates on amendments, the Maryland Senate is expected to pass a bill to repeal the death penalty Wednesday.

Death Penalty Proponents Question Fate of Inmates on Death Row

Proposed death penalty repeal brings into question fate of three inmates sentenced to death in the early 1980’s, when life without parole was not on the books.

Gov. O’Malley Urges Death Penalty Repeal

Gov. Martin O’Malley told senators the death penalty is expensive and ineffective and Maryland should become the 18th state to abolish it.

Capital Punishment Already Effectively Dead in Maryland, Some Prosecutors Say

Ahead of next week’s hearing of a bill supported by Gov. Martin O’Malley that would repeal the death penalty in Maryland, some state’s attorneys argue the ultimate punishment already doesn’t really exist in the state.

Religious Leaders Urge Legislators to Vote Yes to Repeal

Members of Maryland’s religious community gathered signatures for a letter showing support for the repeal of the death penalty Wednesday in Annapolis.

Death Penalty Protest, Rally Supports Governor’s Repeal Legislation

Murder victims’ families want life in prison without parole.