Small beekeeper takes on Maryland bee crisis

Maryland’s bees die at higher rates than the national average. But one small beekeeper in Maryland is ‘buzzing’ with his own solutions to fight the problem.

Inside a Honey Bee Hive, a Threatened Population

Honey bees across the world are experiencing extreme population declines.

Lawmakers seek to protect bee colonies from bears

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland – House lawmakers and Western Maryland beekeepers are seeking protection for apiarists who use deadly force to protect their bee colonies from black bears. Currently, using deadly force against black bears in defense of livestock is legal, but…

Hagerstown Prison’s Buzzing Approach to Inmate Education

Inmates at the Maryland Correctional Training Center in Hagerstown are trained in the science of caring for bees while also learning lessons that just might help them when they leave the facility.

Backyard Beekeeping Gaining Popularity in Maryland

Honeybees may be struggling worldwide, but Maryland is seeing a boom in amateur beekeepers. Despite a worrisome decline in the bee population over the last decade, the number of people registering as beekeepers with the state continues to grow—1,872 currently, up from 1,362 four years ago—according to the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

Maryland Beekeepers Want Defined Honey

Maryland beekeepers are rallying around a bill Wednesday afternoon that would set a standard for honey sold in the state. Under the new bill, only pure honey could be labeled as such.