Pope Francis arrives in the U.S. to excited crowds

Pope Francis arrived for his first visit to the United States Tuesday at 4 p.m. at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, and was greeted with a lively welcome from President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama, and their daughters, along with various priests and officials from the U.S. archdioceses and the DeMatha Catholic High School band.

Storify: Democrats and Republicans Crash Rival Conventions

Last week, Gov. Martin O’Malley and other Democrats crashed the GOP convention in Tampa to counter Republican arguments. This week, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and other area Republicans crashed the Democratic fest in Charlotte.

RADIO ROW: The side of the RNC you may not have seen

You have seen the stage at the Republican National Convention all week, but there is an area inside the Tampa Convention Center called radio row, where big name politicians and personalities will come to help get their message out.

Maryland Delegates Use Social Media to Connect with Voters Back Home

Maryland delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa stayed connected with folks back home through social media; Facebook and Twitter played a bigger role than ever in documenting the convention.

Spotlight Stealers: Top Maryland Democrats Crash Republican Fest

Maryland Republican delegates say they’re sick of Democrats stealing their spotlight, after the second high profile Maryland Democrat made a surprise appearance at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Romney Accepts Nomination in Speech Appealing to Disillusioned Voters

Mitt Romney accepted the Republican nomination for president Thursday night in a speech that scolded President Barack Obama for delivering “disappointment and division” instead of “hope and change.”

Protesters against Republican immigration, voter registration policies gather near convention

Protesters gathered near the RNC to show opposition to Republican policies on immigration and voter registration

Crashing the Other Party’s Convention Could Become the Norm

Crashing the other Party’s convention could become the new norm as Democrats and Republicans battle in polarized political environment.

Virginia Gov. McDonnell Sticks to Theme of “We Built It”

“Big government didn’t build America,” McDonnell said. “Small businesses don’t come out of Washington, D.C., pre-made on flatbed trucks.”

Storify: Blast from the Past, John McCain Speaks Tonight

Today is John McCain’s birthday, the anniversary of Sarah Palin’s acceptance of the vice presidential nomination in 2008 and McCain will speak at the Republican National Convention tonight.