Maryland legislators say goodbye after years of service

As Maryland’s legislative session comes to an end, Capital News Service sat down with three representatives to talk about their time in the political sphere and ask what comes after their combined 52 years of service in the State House.

Maryland lawmakers close out 2019 session, honor Speaker Michael Busch

Maryland lawmakers worked through bills and meetings to close the 2019 state legislative session on Sine Die, despite the somber mood set by Speaker Michael Busch’s death.

Assembly’s final day tempered by mourning of Speaker Busch

On a day normally marked by last-minute legislative squabbles and compromises, balloons and confetti, Maryland lawmakers and the governor tempered their politics to mourn a beloved leader.

Sine Die means farewell for some state lawmakers

For a number of members of the General Assembly, the last night of the session marked the end of their legislative career. For some, it’s the end of politics and for others it means a change in political direction.

Election-year session ends with an eye on November

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — Overhauling state tax code in response to sweeping federal tax cuts, bolstering school safety after a shooting at a Southern Maryland high school and stabilizing health insurance markets were just a few of the myriad policy decisions the Maryland General Assembly addressed in 2018 during the 90-day legislative session.

Maryland lawmakers share their post-session plans

COLLEGE PARK, Maryland — After three months of legislating, the 2017 Maryland General Assembly session ended Monday at midnight. The end of the session is formally known as “Sine Die,” which is Latin for “without day.” Basically, it means “no scheduled follow-up.”  And…


The 90 day legislative session in Maryland ended Monday night at the stroke of midnight. Lawmakers rushed through bills trying to get as many through before the midnight deadline.

Maryland General Assembly 2016 Session Comes to a Wrap

The Maryland General Assembly’s 90 day session has come to a close and several key pieces of legislation are heading to the governor’s desk.

Legislators Push for Equal Pay For Women

Maryland’s State Senate considers legislation that supporters say will close loopholes and guarantee equal pay for equal work.

Maryland Legislators Reflect on Successes and Failures

At midnight on April 8th, the majority leader in both houses of the Maryland General Assembly announced “sine die,” the end of the 90-day session. So how did Governor O’Malley’s final legislative agenda fare?