Cybersecurity bill aims to create a base level of defense for local agencies

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — A new Maryland bill would ask the state’s Department of Information Technology to develop a baseline plan for localities within the state to help battle cyber attacks. Senate bill 120, introduced by Sen. Susan Lee, D-Montgomery, would…

As popularity of ride-sharing grows, safety concerns rise

Anytime troublesome events occur when using the increasingly popular ride-hailing — or ride-sharing — services, platforms such as Lyft and Uber see their safety policies face increased scrutiny.

Baltimoreans remain optimistic despite many challenges

BALTIMORE, Maryland— From homelessness to substance abuse to violence to single-parent homes, many residents of Baltimore face unending challenges. This special video report introduces just some of the people who are facing those challenges and takes a look at their efforts to try and rise above them.

SHA rolls out new technology to help keep winter roads clear and safe

The State Highway Administration is adding a few new pieces of technology to their snow clean-up crew. They hope to remove snow quicker so drivers can travel safely.

Release of iPhone X draws excitement at Apple stores nationwide — and online

Apple releases its iPhone X on Nov. 3. Some gadget fanatics lined up to get their hands on the new device.

State begins new technology program to help vulnerable Marylanders

ANNAPOLIS — While state officials have claimed that Maryland has lead the country in technology and innovation, Governor Hogan says technological resources in some agencies are still not up to par. The governor says the state is taking a big step forward in providing important human services to residents throughout the state.

State Highway Administration gears up for the winter ahead

After last year’s winter storm, Jonas, dumped more than 30 inches of snow across the state of Maryland, the State Highway Administration knew that they needed to update their snow plow technology. Take a look at the new snow clearing technology that will help keep roadways clear for Maryland commuters.