Baltimore police reform pilot program diverts 911 calls

Baltimore’s 911 diversion pilot program, a program that routes some behavior calls to specially trained personnel rather than traditional police, has been lauded as a success by lawmakers and police since its launch on June 16.

Maryland TikTok creators share their side of the story

Maryland TikTok creators reflect on the lack of a creator community in the state that other hotspots have, despite a growing industry of content creators.

Cybersecurity concerns grow in hospitals across Maryland

Maryland hospitals are seeing an uptick in ransomware and other cybersecurity threats, mirroring a national trend, and a federal agency is investigating a dozen breaches among healthcare providers in the state. 

New Maryland laws affect police, voting, LGBTQ+ rights

New laws going into effect in Maryland on Friday will put into action police and criminal justice reforms, address early voting, and increase protections for LGBTQ+ people.

New cybersecurity guidance coming to Maryland localities

Local governments and small organizations are asked under a new law to go to the state of Maryland for advice in improving their cybersecurity, particularly after a handful of ransomware attacks in the past few years.

Maryland to start Apple’s electronic credentials program

Maryland is one of eight states to adopt Apple’s new digital driver’s license program. This event is the result of 2019 state legislation for electronic credentials coming to fruition.