Annapolis theaters share financial and cancelation concerns as COVID-19 spreads

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Annapolis theaters and stage performers are struggling to keep afloat with financial concerns and show practices.

Maryland bill strives to include tourism minority groups

Under a bill in the Maryland General Assembly, data would be gathered on how the funding for the tourism industry is divided and attempt to divide the funding with equity.

Bill would require Maryland colleges to outline course-related fees

A suggestion from the University of Maryland Student Government has led to a bill in the Maryland General Assembly, which would require Maryland universities and colleges to clearly outline free and lower-cost course materials, along with textbook and other fees associated with a course in the catalog.

Maryland bill strives to limit minors’ access to firearms

With amendments underway, a bill in the Maryland General Assembly looks to change the language of an existing law in order to reduce the risk of minors’ access to guns.

Bill looks to make single-occupant restrooms gender-neutral

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Many public buildings in Maryland would be required to make their single-occupant bathrooms gender neutral under legislation in the state’s General Assembly. The proposed law would require public facilities to change their pictorial or gender-exclusive signage for…

Maryland lawmakers consider new rifle and shotgun regulations

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND — A bill returning to the Maryland legislature this session aims to regulate certain sales and transfers of rifles and shotguns. Maryland law requires the regulation of the “sale, transfer, rental, and possession of regulated firearms, which consist…