Amidst 34th Year of Minor League Baseball, Suns Are Going Down in Hagerstown

The city of Hagerstown has a history of baseball stretching back nearly a century. But it’s looking like there may not be a second 100 years.

Same-Sex Marriage: One Year Later

With the passage of Question 6 a little over a year ago, gay marriage was legalized in Maryland. But what is the state of gay marriage now?

Obama Unveils Job Prep Program at P.G. School

President Barack Obama visited Bladensburg High School Monday to unveil a new grant program to better prepare graduates for a changing job market.

Legislation Nullifies Court’s Ruling On Dangerous Dogs

Since 2012, dog bites by pit bulls could bring harsher penalties on landlords, owners and the dogs themselves than bites from other breeds. But with the governor’s signature, that will change.

Battle to End Poverty Hits Close to Home

It’s been 50 years since the “War on Poverty” was declared. But are we winning or losing? The National Conference on Ending Poverty in Silver Spring offered some answers.

Opening Day Celebrates 60 Years of Orioles Baseball

After every long winter, spring flowers bloom and the boys of summer return to the diamond. But this year is a bit more special – the Orioles have now been doing that in Baltimore for 60 years.

All-Volunteer Fire Station Calls for Help

Branchville Volunteer Fire Company is proud of its status as 100 percent volunteer, but that distinction is not without its drawbacks and its calling out for more help.

Police Reveal More About the Columbia Mall Shooter

New information has been uncovered about the shooting at the Mall in Columbia in January that took the lives of two young adults – including how the Columbine shooting in Colorado played a role.

Tracking of Shoppers Over Wi-Fi a Divisive Issue in Session

People do a lot of things on their cell phones – text, take pictures, get on Facebook. They may even use it to shop. But with advancing technology that allows retailers to track the behavior and shopping habits of customers, there are calls for transparency.

Celebration Begins for Bicentennial of “The Star-Spangled Banner”

It’s been 200 years since “The Star-Spangled Banner” was written, and from singing it in classrooms to belting it out at sporting events, it’s a part of this country’s fabric. In the honor of the bicentennial, the Smithsonian launched the kickoff of its anniversary celebration.