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Parking App Helps Drivers at Univ. of Maryland

It’s called the Streetline Parker App for the iPhone and Android phones.

Explosion Leaves Two UMD Students Injured

An explosion in a Univ. of Maryland lab left two students injured Monday. The explosion occurred as a result of nitric acid and sulfuric acid being combined with a third unknown substance in a waste container, officials said.

Free Flu Shots for Baltimore County Residents

BALTIMORE– The H1N1 panic may have passed, but the State of Maryland and Baltimore County are staying on the offensive by offering free flu shots to residents. Everyone over six months of age is encouraged to receive a vaccine.

Legal Battle Rages Over Mont. County Farmland

The rolling green hills of Potomac seemingly never end, but Montgomery County officials believe the area is still missing some greenery: soccer fields. They’ve decided to build them on a 20-acre plot of land that a local farmer has leased for the last 30 years.

Maryland Universities Help Student Veterans

More and more veterans coming home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are signing up for college.

Ebooks Emerging on College Campuses

At the University of Maryland, many professors are suggesting students purchase online versions of textbooks in order to cut costs and decrease the burden of carrying their books.

Police Officers Indicted for MD Student Beating

Video by Brendan Ponton/CNS-TV COLLEGE PARK– Two Prince George’s County police officers have been indicted for their roles in the 2010 beating of a Maryland student, according to Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks. The officers, Reginald Baker and…

Chesapeake Bay Recovers from Storms

Many around the state are still picking up the pieces in the wake of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee…and that includes the Department of Natural Resources.

Redskins Go Solar

The NFL team says more than 8,000 solar panels installed on top of one of the parking lots will now supply the stadium with enough power to completely power the facility on non-game days, and enough to power the stadium 20% on game days.

Council of Governments Recognizes Need for More Planning

Area leaders are working to develop a better system of communication following the recent 5.8 earthquake, hurricane and tropical storm that left thousands of residents without power and a source of information.