Meet the men of the Women’s March

Women’s rights, environmental concerns, safety for immigrants, and LGBT equality brought out large numbers of men, despite the event’s name.

Women’s March on Washington drew many men, too

WASHINGTON — When Stephen Klatsky first heard of the Women’s March on Washington, he wondered if men would be invited or if they would be considered an interference with the purpose of the event. Klatsky, a Washington resident, wrote a…

Vast throng for Women’s March envelops Washington, pledges resistance to Trump

WASHINGTON – Less than 24 hours after Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, a different kind of movement – some called it resistance – unfolded on the National Mall. From Capitol Hill…

Women’s March on Washington

Thousands of people, women and men, gathered in Washington today to march for women’s rights, diversity, human rights, and against President Donald J. Trump. (Capital News Service video by Hannah Klarner)

At Women’s March, Marylanders say they want Trump to heed them

WASHINGTON – As Olivia Brant marched through Washington, she thought of her diploma from the University of Maryland, her three years living in New Orleans, her opportunity to attend graduate school – all possible, she said, because she had an…

Equal Pay Day: Continuing the battle for equal pay

Equal Pay Day was established a decade ago to raise awareness to the huge gap between men and women’s wages. Now, ten years later, supporters say the battle continues–even as new anti-discrimination legislation is introduced in Maryland to broaden equal pay laws already in place.

Pope Francis Asks Americans to Aid the Poor, Save the Planet

The pope’s speech, which had been widely expected to wade into political territory, subtly touched on issues of immigration, climate change, abortion and marriage, weaving them into a narrative about securing a more peaceful and just future.