Attack Email Links Garagiola to Jack Abramoff

An email sent to Maryland delegates, senators and reporters about state Sen. Rob Garagiola, D-Montgomery, is the first attack in the Maryland 6th District congressional campaign.

Families- The Hidden Faces of Homelessness

MiMi Ramos, a single mother of three, recently bought her family’s first home in Silver Spring. For the Ramoses, a formerly homeless family, this purchase was an especially meaningful milestone.

After Championship Defeat, Dipper Eyes A Return To Glory

Dipper and the Terps will look to rebound from a near-perfect season that ended in a disappointing fashion. After winning the national championship in 2010 and all but one of their regular season games in 2011, Maryland lost by a goal to Northwestern University in the championship game.

Jobs Top Priority for O’Malley

Despite Maryland’s economic strengths, including a highly educated and skilled workforce, business leaders and others argue change is needed to make the state a more attractive place to do business.

MD Colleges See More Students Seeking Help for Mental Health Problems

Counselors attribute it to stress and heightened awareness among students of counseling services.

On Pearl Harbor Day, Remembering Japanese-American Captives

It was 1942, a few months after the Japanese attacked the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor 70 years ago today, when Takashi Kariya, 17, and his family joined thousands of other Japanese immigrants and Japanese-Americans held captive at the Tanforan Assembly Center.

Teen Cigar use is on the Rise

Cigarette smoking has decreased among high school students by nearly 40 percent since 2000, but cigar smoking has increased by more than 11 percent.

Ehrlich Campaign Aide Facing Trial for Robocalls

Opening statements were made Tuesday in the Baltimore City Circuit Court trial of Paul Schurick, the chief campaign aide to former Governor Bob Ehrlich. Schurick is being charged in connection with robocalls made in the 2010 governor’s race allegedly designed to suppress the African-American vote.

Native American Tribes Struggle for State Recognition

There are more than 20,000 Native Americans living in Maryland, according to the most recent census, and there are eight indigenous tribes who form and operate communities just like any other group.

Anne Arundel Voters Could Shape 4th District Race

Anne Arundel County could play a pivotal role in the newly aligned 4th Congressional District race, even though no candidate from there has officially entered the race.