Biden administration takes aim at improving Black maternal health care

Marking Black Maternal Health Week, the Biden administration is moving to put more federal resources behind improving Black maternal health care. “Make no mistake. Black women in our country are facing a maternal health crisis,” Vice President Kamala Harris said…

Summit highlights racial disparities in maternal care

WASHINGTON – Racial disparities in health care in America continues to present much greater health risks to black women and babies, according to participants at the National Maternal and Infant Health Summit. More than 700 women die each year due…

Gig workers to clients: ‘Freelancing isn’t free work’

COLLEGE PARK, Maryland – Advocates for workers in the gig economy often argue that the lack of benefits, especially health care, is the biggest obstacle for this growing workforce. While benefits are a major concern, a greater problem is this:…

State legislators call for health insurance down payment plan

Under the proposal, anyone in the state who reports not having quality health insurance would be required to pay a penalty, similar to the federal mandate that will end in 2019 under changes to the Affordable Care Act.

Once in the majority, House Democrats will work through ‘to do’ list

WASHINGTON – Now that they’ve taken over the House, Democrats will try to follow a party blueprint for action that envisions protecting health care, Medicare and Medicaid, funding improvements to the country’s infrastructure, and creating more jobs. And the likely…

Battle for Maryland’s only open House seat puts focus on Trump policies

GAITHERSBURG, Maryland – President Donald Trump wasn’t in attendance during a Tuesday debate in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District, but his controversial comments and policies came up several times during the night.   That was not much of a surprise in…

The value of a smile

In September, the Mission of Mercy Health Equity Festival in College Park drew people from across the state and beyond to receive dental care.

Republican healthcare plan would hurt low-income, elderly Marylanders

Under President Donald Trump’s and House Speaker Paul Ryan’s plan, the American Health Care Act, younger people and higher-income people in Maryland would see an increase in the amount of tax credits they receive, according to an analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

MD Congressional Delegation discusses repealing Obamacare

The battle between President Trump and supporters of the Affordable Care is just heating up. The democratic members of Maryland’s Congressional delegation say repealing Obamacare could be devastating for more than half-a-million Marylanders.

Illicit-drug use OK in ‘safe’ site under Maryland bill

By HANNAH KLARNER Capital News Service   ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — Illegal-drug users in Maryland could partake in recreational use under a bill that would create legal, sanitary illicit-drug use facilities in the state.   The bill, proposed by Delegate Dan…