Equal Rights Amendment may be near ratification, but must overcome old deadline

WASHINGTON – The Equal Rights Amendment may be close to ratification following Democratic wins in Virginia’s House and Senate and proposed House and Senate resolutions to remove the ratification deadline. The ERA would guarantee equal constitutional rights to a person…

House pushes four bills to improve maternal health

WASHINGTON – House Democrats are pushing four bills to improve maternal health in an attempt to counter the country’s rising maternal mortality and morbidity rates. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the maternal mortality rate in the…

After Jacksonville shootings, gamers think about danger in the real world

WASHINGTON — The August shooting at a Madden 19 tournament in Jacksonville that left two people dead and nine wounded continued to linger in gamers’ minds as they traveled to Washington to compete in the Red Bull Conquest Finals this…

Surprise! The Equal Rights Amendment is back

The Equal Rights Amendment is making a surprising come-back, with a new campaign to promote its ratification in Virginia.

Cardin introduces legislation banning military parades and exhibitions

Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin has introduced a bill that would prevent the allocation of federal funds toward any kind of military parade or exhibition in the nation’s capital.

Big Ten tournament seeds, based on teams’ Twitter popularity

A look at what the Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament seeds would look like if they were based on Twitter followers.