Supreme Court is now surrounded by fencing, but protests continue

The nation’s highest court has been the target of nearly around-the-clock demonstrations since a leaked draft opinion earlier this week indicated that a majority of the Supreme Court may be ready to strike down Roe v. Wade.

Leaked Supreme Court opinion on abortion law causes political uproar

Supporters of the Roe v. Wade ruling and opponents demonstrated for hours on the sidewalk in front of the Supreme Court – protests that certainly were loud enough for justices to hear in their offices.

In historic vote, Senate confirms Jackson as first Black woman justice on Supreme Court

While President Joe Biden and Jackson watched the proceedings from the White House’s Roosevelt Room, Vice President Kamala Harris presided over the confirmation vote.

DC’s iconic Uptown Theater may be readying reboot, documents show

The theater appears on the verge of a comeback, according to documents filed with the city, although both the owner and the architect so far are tight-lipped about their plans. 

As cryptocurrency market grows, federal and state officials mull tighter controls

Lawmakers and industry experts say a lack of comprehensive regulations allows bad actors to transmit money without proper oversight.

Biden moves to strengthen crypto oversight

The move marks the most significant effort by the federal government to install guardrails and regulations governing the developing cryptocurrency markets.

Biden cuts off Russian oil and gas imports to U.S.

President Joe Biden signed an executive order Tuesday banning Russian oil, natural gas, and coal imports to the United States in response to the invasion of Ukraine.

Biden taps Jackson to serve as first Black woman on Supreme Court

Jackson, 51, would fill the seat of Justice Stephen Breyer, who announced his retirement in late January. Jackson previously worked as a law clerk for Breyer.

‘Putin chose this war’: Biden imposes new sanctions on Russia for Ukraine invasion

Biden said that the new sanctions will “impose severe costs on the Russian economy, both immediately and over time.”

Maryland Democrats back Biden’s sanctions on Russia

After President Biden announced the first round of sanctions on Russia Tuesday after its latest invasion of Ukraine, some of Maryland’s lawmakers joined in support of the president’s actions.