How much iconic directors use curse words

CNS sought to find out what director’s movies had the foulest language.

Ellicott City rainfall is predictably unpredictable

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland —  Ellicott City, Maryland, sustained two cataclysmic flash floods in the span of 22 months, the first in July 2016, the other in May.    “Although the two events are considered abnormal weather phenomena, the fact remains that…

And the most competitive Oscar year goes to…

CNS examined the ratings of every movie ever nominated for the best picture Oscar to determine what movies face especially adverse odds to win the coveted prize.

Moviegoers don’t see best picture nominees anymore

Best picture nominees don’t perform well at the box office anymore, but people do still go to see good movies

Analysis: NFL teams win more after moving

Modern NFL franchises have relocated 16 times since 1921, and in the vast majority of cases, the teams improve their record following the move, a Capital News Service analysis found.