12 Government Shutdowns in 35 Years. Is Another One Due?

Experts expect another shutdown in October because of disagreement over the Iran nuclear deal, spending cuts and the deficiency in the Highway Trust Fund, according to the Washington Post.

Three Coffins, That Bring Life to Early Maryland History, Welcomed Home

When a team of workers discovered three lead coffins dating back to the 17th century in the foundation of a long-gone chapel in St. Mary’s City, a remote historical settlement on the southern tip of Maryland and the Chesapeake’s western shore, they were in for a shock.

Maryland Woman Saves Her Family’s Farm Thanks To Some Special Animals

Angel Forbes Simmons is determined to keep her family’s farm running and some special animals are helping her do it.

Curbing Heroin Addiction Among Bills Presented By Maryland Senate Leadership

Curbing heroin addiction, and civil penalties for drunken driving were atop a legislative agenda released by the Maryland Senate leadership Tuesday morning.

O’Malley Wistful, Aware of History While Presenting Restoration Progress of Old Senate Chamber

Outgoing Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley expressed gratitude and a sentiment for history Friday morning as he presented the restoration progress of the Old Senate Chamber in the Maryland State House in Annapolis.

History of Gun Legislation in Maryland

Gov. Martin O’Malley’s new gun legislation will be heard on the Senate next week. His bill would be one in a long line of gun legislation in Maryland that dates back to at least 1886.

Untold Filipino History in Annapolis

Filipinos came to Annapolis to serve as laborers in the U.S. Navy. Now, a University of Maryland graduate student is documenting their little-known history.

Festival Exhibit Highlights Annapolis’ Storied Past

Maryland’s state capital played key role nationally during colonial era.

Lesser Known Maryland People and Places from the War of 1812

Most know the legacy of popular Maryland landmarks from the War of 1812, as the state hosted the “Chesapeake Campaign” in 1813 and 1814, one of the most important fronts of the war. But, aside from giving us our national anthem and the iconic Fort McHenry flag, the War of 1812 often falls into obscurity, called “The Forgotten War” by historians.

Ford’s Theatre Society Opens New Center

Ford’s Theatre celebrated the opening of its newly built Center for Education and Leadership with a ribbon cutting on Feb. 8.