Former offender bakes his way to a new life

Gregory Carpenter spent two decades in prison. Now, he’s the owner of 2 AM Bakery, and the Baltimore baker is on a mission to turn his success into a sweet story for others. It all starts with “Eye Can B-More,” a program designed to help formerly incarcerated people back into the workforce.

Nationals fans turn in Bryce Harper shirts for a shot of goodwill

After seven seasons with the Washington Nationals, Bryce Harper has taken his bat and moved on to the Philadelphia Phillies with the biggest contract in baseball history. But one D-C business is offering fans a way to turn in their Harper swag and help others along the way.

Peak bloom date set for Washington’s cherry blossoms

The kick-off of Washington’s annual cherry blossom festival is now less than two weeks away. And along with local officials providing details of the many events scheduled during the festival came word many wait for at this time of year: when the blossoms will be in peak bloom.

Senate committee hears testimony on regulations for shotguns and rifles

A survivor and widow of last summer’s deadly attack on the Annapolis Capital-Gazette were among those testifying before the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee on Wednesday in favor of a bill that would place new regulations on the sale of shotguns and rifles. NRA and 2A Maryland representatives argued against the proposed change saying long guns have not been a significant source of crime weapons in the state.

Howard County couple marks a marriage milestone and a first in Columbia

Madelaine and William Lamb recently celebrated more than a half-century of marriage. But, that anniversary was also a reminder of a barrier-breaking first for the couple and the city of Columbia.

Calvert County high school helps uncover a piece of Baltimore’s past

The site where the Baltimore Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond now sits links back in time to the days when African American slaves were freed after the Civil War. Students at a Calvert County High School helped in uncovering that piece of Baltimore’s past.

Maryland lawmakers look to increase the age to buy tobacco products

State lawmakers are being asked to approve legislation that would raise the age for buying tobacco products from 18 to 21. If approved and signed into law, Maryland would become the seventh state to increase the age for purchasing tobacco products.

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen testifies before House Oversight Committee

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen testified under oath on Wednesday before a public hearing held by the House Oversight Committee on Capitol Hill. Cohen talked about President Donald Trump’s role in a number of alleged improper activities both before and after his election. Cohen was scheduled to testify behind closed doors on Thursday before the House Intelligence Committee.

Maryland resident nears completion of historic National Parks tour

Mika Meyer’s been on the road for three years. He’s a man on a mission: to become the first person to visit all 418 national parks continuously and honor the memory of his father.

Maryland lawmakers looking to increase transparency in the USM Board of Regents

Legislators are pushing to improve the University of Maryland System Board of Regents’ transparency through proposing a bill that would add members and create other changes to increase openness.