Former Congressman Hopes to Raise Environmental Awareness With Education

Former Republican Congressman Wayne Gilchrest has traded in suits and ties for plaid shirts and jeans. He now teaches children about the environment.

Maryland Wine Industry Sees Tremendous Growth Over Past Decade

Maryland’s wine industry, while not a powerhouse in the world of vino, has seen tremendous growth over the past decade and the state has the potential to become a major center of wine production in time, experts said.

Climate Change Affects Maryland Apple Harvest

Rising temperatures and unpredictable weather are affecting apple harvest dates and may be changing the taste as well.

Maryland Researchers to Probe Regional Impact of Climate Change

From potential heat waves to increased cases of respiratory illness and outbreaks of infectious disease, Maryland scientists are looking to predict how climate change will affect health to help communities prepare.

Climate Change Threatens Fall Colors

Fall colors are arriving later and are fading more quickly because of climate change, according to researchers.