Maryland Slow to Report Mental Health Problems to Gun Background Check Database

A new report has found Maryland lax in reporting mental health and substance abuse records to a national database used to run background checks on gun purchasers.

Cheverly Replaces Optotraffic Speed Cameras

A speed camera company that pulled out of its contract with the town of Cheverly after complaints about its technology still operates programs in several local jurisdictions.

Homeless Baltimoreans Find Lifesaving Care

Health Care for the Homeless delivers care to approximately 7,000 individuals in Baltimore each year, providing adult and pediatric medical care, mental health services, dental care and addiction treatment.

First Lady, Others Speak on Domestic Violence, Bullying

There is a connection between being bullied early in life and becoming victims of domestic violence later on, social workers said at a conference Wednesday.

University of Maryland Athletics Likely to Cut Several Sports

The swimming and water polo teams face cuts.

ICC Due to Open Soon

On November 22 many Maryland drivers may find their commute a little easier. That’s when the remaining two sections of the Intercounty Connector, the
stretch between I-270 and I-95, is scheduled to open.

Maryland Wrestling Coach Rises Above Race

University of Maryland Wrestling Head Coach Kerry McCoy is one of five black head coaches in NCAA Division I wrestling.

Demolished Dam Finds New Home Helping Oysters

For more than 100 years, Simkins Dam in Ellicott City prevented eels, herring and shad from migrating upriver before it was torn down last winter at the urging of environmentalists. In its more eco-friendly second life, the dam’s concrete will serve as the base for a new oyster reef near the mouth of the Chester River.

College Students Move Into Cruise Ship Dorm

At St. Mary’s College of Maryland, students have long been able to rent boats and take classes on boats with world-class sailing instructors. Now, some students get to live on one.

Pilots Discuss Dangers of Laser Pointers

Small laser pointers are a common tool, but they’re becoming a serious danger to pilots in flight. Over 2800 laser incidents were reported last year. The FAA says BWI-Marshall Airport had more than 30 incidents putting it in the top 20 among airports around the country.