House Committees Vote 25-18 to Send Same-Sex Marriage To Floor

In an unusual two-committee vote Tuesday evening, delegates grappled with several proposed amendments before voting 25 to 18 to send controversial same-sex marriage legislation to the full House, where it could be debated as early as Wednesday.

Same-Sex Couple on Quest to Marry in Every State

A Baltimore city same-sex couple hopes to soon marry legally in their home state of Maryland.

Rosecroft Raceway hopes gaming is in their future

Troubled Rosecroft Raceway is hoping to become one of the newest casino locations should the measure to bring gaming to Prince George’s County pass and be approved on referendum.

Health Officials Fret as Hookah Grows in Popularity

One 25-minute session smoking tobacco from the device equates to smoking a pack of cigarettes.

Visualizing Gov. Martin O’Malley’s State of the State Address

Animating the governor’s annual speech.

Brothers Create Superhero to Defend Eastern Shore

Batman defends Gotham City.  “The Fall,” a new superhero created by two brothers, patrols the small towns and beaches of Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Maryland Fans Prepare to Honor Gary Williams’ Legacy

Supporters of the legendary basketball coach used social media to honor him on the day Maryland named its basketball court after him.

Email Attacks in Sixth District Race Don’t Hold Up

Sixth District Democratic congressional candidate Rob Garagiola never shared cases with notorious lobbyist Jack Abramoff, and public information used in political attacks on Garagiola linking the two is in error.

Anti-union Charge in 6th District Merits Closer Look

Sen. Rob Garagiola’s anti-union charges against fellow 6th Congressional District candidate John Delaney, aren’t as pat as they seemed on first glance.

Sixth District Congressional Race Features Crowded Field

More than a dozen candidates will contend for Maryland’s 6th Congressional District seat, now held by Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, D-Frederick.