Peaceful Protest Outside White House on War, Poverty and Climate Crisis

The National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance held protests nationwide, including one right outside the White House. Protestors voice their opposition war, poverty and climate crisis.

Battle to End Poverty Hits Close to Home

It’s been 50 years since the “War on Poverty” was declared. But are we winning or losing? The National Conference on Ending Poverty in Silver Spring offered some answers.

Harford County Sees Child Poverty Rise in Recession’s Wake

Bel Air mother of four Letisha Hill has been unemployed for a year. In that time, she has taken seasonal temp work, sold her car and moved her family in with her aunt, all to keep her children from poverty. As it turns out, they are already there.

Across Maryland, Bare-bones Household Budgets Soar Above Salaries

A Montgomery County family of three — an adult, a preschooler and a school-age child — needs about $78,000 just to make ends meet, a new report shows.

Families- The Hidden Faces of Homelessness

MiMi Ramos, a single mother of three, recently bought her family’s first home in Silver Spring. For the Ramoses, a formerly homeless family, this purchase was an especially meaningful milestone.

With Food Donations Needed, Scouts Step Up

Scouts in the National Capital Area Council have seen their area-wide Scouting for Food totals increase — up to 675,000 pounds of food last year from 520,000 in 2009 — but need still outpaces donations.

Resource Day, Homelessness on Rise in Rich Montgomery

Hundreds of homeless residents in one of the nation’s richest regions linked up with Montgomery County’s medical and financial resources Wednesday.

Maryland Feels Sting of National Poverty Spike

Experts say national poverty numbers released Tuesday morning are already out of date and could be getting worse, even as Maryland hit a poverty rate of 10.8 percent, the highest in nearly two decades, according to a report by the U.S. Census Bureau.